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Among natural products, some are better and some are worse. The most prominent ones are those elaborated following top-quality standards, reason why they are registered at the EU. In this section you will be able to compare the pros and cons of each product considering factors such as quality of the ingredients, guarantees or medical recommendation. The natural products to treat alopecia can provide the following benefits:


  • Stop hair loss
  • Stimulate hair growth in a natural way
  • Provide nutrition to revive the most weakened follicles
  • Block the production of DHT without reacting against testosterone
**Guarantee is only effective if the item is returned without having opened or used it.

FOLIACTIVE * * * * *

According to the information provided by our experts and the e-mails we receive every day from our readers, Foliactive is the best product in the market today. It is presented in 2 different formats, pills and a spray, and it can be used by both men and women. It is natural and safe, and it is registered at the EU (this is the only nutritional supplement of this ranking with such registration), which guarantees that its ingredients comply with all the quality and safety requirements of the legislation in force for this type of products. In our opinion, everything about Foliactive is an advantage: 90-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer service and medical recommendations. Besides, it provides clients’ testimonials (including a video testimonial), the best quality-price ratio we have found on the net for a product of these characteristics and a free bonus (an e-book with the best tips to avoid hair loss). All in all, its formula, results and features place this product above all the rest in our evaluation.


Provillus is the next product on our ranking. With a correct formula – although in our opinion less effective than the previous product –, this supplement can also be used by both men and women but in this case, they come as separate products: one for men, with a specific formula and another for women, with a different composition. This product is not registered in the EU and it does not provide medical testimonies, something that hampers the credibility of the product. It offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, but you only get your money back if you return the product without having opened or used it. In general, the first product on our chart offers more guarantees.


Next we find Procerin. It looks like a serious product, with a well documented website. It contains capsules and a serum that can be purchased together or separate – the complete treatment is more effective –, Procerin “has been especially formulated to treat male alopecia” and “it has been elaborated with natural, effective ingredients (scientifically proven) to avoid hair loss”. However, there is no testimonial signed by a physician recommending this product and backing the statements above.

It is not registered at the EU and it does not offer a free bonus, although we must say that it does provide a money-back guarantee, an advantage that – on the other hand – is offered by the previous products in this ranking.


Pilfood is the fourth and last product of our ranking. It is presented in capsules, and it is according to us a rather low quality supplement in terms of effectiveness to treat alopecia. Even though if offers more or less the same as the others, it lacks one of the most important, relevant things: it does not have any medical recommendation whatsoever. We could not find the EU logo anywhere, which tells us it is not registered as a nutritional supplement. There is nothing much to say about this product, since most of our readers consider it to be the worst of all the products analyzed in this comparison.

*These comparisons have been supervised by the following physicians:
Doctora Mallmann – Member reference: 49843