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Other Treatments

The use of wigs or hairpieces, hair extensions or a different hairstyle – if you have enough hair, of course – may help disguise hair loss. However, these procedures don’t seem to be enough these days, since the fascination for a perfect physical appearance is growing and growing, which unavoidably intensifies the hair complexes of both men and women.

There are many studies in progress today on different hair loss treatments that may help stopping alopecia in the near future. Most of these studies are still in a research stage, but there are others – that are already being commercialized – but their effectiveness is yet to be proven, to say the least. Next, we mention some of them:

Hair cloning:

This treatment consists of mild abrasions on the scalp along with a series of tiny shots to stimulate the growth of the dead hair. Follicular cells are implanted through the replacement of a few hairs.

However, there are still some problems with this technique in terms of safety and cost (it is unaffordable unless you have a lot of money) since you need to graft one hair at a time, which is a laborious and expensive job. This procedure should be available in the next 5-10 years and it would be rather expensive at first, besides being a technique intended to treat absolutely bald patients.


Adenosine (commercialized as Adenogen) is a famous product massively advertised on TV, but fame doesn’t mean results. It is a lotion you apply directly on the affected areas twice a day and for six months. The actual results of this treatment against alopecia are yet to be evaluated, and the scientific community does not believe its performance to be that great.


It is an entirely local drug (for external use only) so, in theory, it should not present serious side effects. The main disadvantages of this drug is that it isn’t endorsed by any major laboratory and it hasn’t been approved anywhere. Evidently, this generates a great amount of distrust in the product.


Crinagen is a natural product intended to stop hair loss and boost growth. It is presented as a lotion for external use formulated with 100% natural ingredients. It is claimed to be clinically effective, but its results have not been proven yet. As far as we know so far, it has a great power of inhibition of the DHT (a male hormone linked to hair loss) and it can be used by both men and women.

T-Flav and Innovate:

These Japanese products were among the most likely to succeed, but time has proven that even though they promised great results, they actually provide no real solution if a person expects to recover the lost hair. Apparently, they do stop hair loss, but there are less expensive products that can do that too. Today, there are no reliable scientific tests that can guarantee their safety and effectiveness.