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Laser Therapy

Over the past few years, laser therapy has emerged as an effective alternative to conventional methods in a variety of areas, especially health treatments and beauty, among others. Considering all hair-related problems both men and women worldwide experience, laser therapy also appears as a highly reliable, successful solution. It is our opinion that laser hair therapy is the most revolutionary treatment in the market to stop baldness and alopecia. These are its benefits:


  • Stops hair loss
  • Penetrates the tissue of the scalp, stimulating it
  • Stimulates blood circulation towards the hair follicles
  • Hair gets healthier, stronger, more resistant and with more volume
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Laser Combs

With laser therapy you can avoid those uncomfortable treatments based on lotions, shampoos and massages (you also avoid expensive surgery) and you can obtain long-term results. Low intensity laser penetrates the tissue of the scalp, stimulating it and promoting blood circulation towards the hair follicles. Thanks to the light received (phototherapy), the metabolism of the hair cell and its self-regeneration ability gets activated, and the follicles start a process of cell repair that results in healthier, stronger hair.

Several studies and researches have proven that hair laser stops hair loss and, in some cases, patients even get to remarkably recover some of the lost hair.

It is very simple: hair laser provides a strong stimulation of the scalp, improve blood circulation nourishing the hair follicles and removing any excessive DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on the hair bulb. The laser acts on the entire scalp area, from the root to tip, providing all the nutrients and vitamins the hair needs to get healthier and stronger, more resistant and with more volume. Phototherapy is the key to all this, because without it the self-regeneration of the hair cells would be impossible.