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How do I choose my product?

Natural products offer an excellent quality-price ratio, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who suffer from any type of baldness. The degree of effectiveness of these products has been widely proven with very satisfactory results. If you follow the instructions provided here you will not have any problems when choosing the right treatment for you.

Get well informed about the risks of each product

You should put a lot of thought when choosing a product, since there are several factors you must consider. Take your time and do not rush your decision. You will have to take many things into consideration such as possible side effects, whether they can be harmful to your health, if they appear on the short, medium or long term, etc. Get informed on any other type of risk that the use of the product may imply.

Get informed

Registration at the EU as a nutritional supplement

In order to be absolutely certain that the chosen product complies with all the necessary safety and quality requirements you should in our opinion check if it is registered in the EU as a nutritional supplement.


Choose products that are recommended by health professionals

Even though it is not legally necessary for the commercialization of the products to be recommended by health professionals, here on we recommend always choose products that are medically endorsed, since they are more reliable and safe than the ones that lack this kind of guarantees.


Choose only products offering a money-back guarantee

We believe that it is very important that the product you choose provides a money-back guarantee. Otherwise, it means the product in question is not that reliable. If a company offers this guarantee is because they trust the quality and effectiveness of the product.


Client´s testimonials

Offering clients’ testimonials is another feature you should appreciate. Such testimonials certify the results provided by the product through the opinion of those who have already tried it. These experiences are very important when it comes to making a comprehensive evaluation of a product.