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Are they safe?


These treatments have been totally developed from plants, so all their ingredients are natural and safe. There are no synthetic or artificial components in their formula since all the ingredients are extracted from plans (and of course none of the ingredients are on the list of dangerous substances elaborated by the European Union). All you need to make sure is that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients of the formula. Even though these are not drugs or medication, we recommend choosing only products providing medical approval, since these products offer more guarantees. Only few products meet this requirement.

You must always make sure that there is a serious, responsible company behind each product, a company providing the minimum required guarantees. There are many products in the market today that actually fail to provide the promised results. Besides the medical recommendations we mentioned earlier, you should check the product is registered at the EU as a nutritional supplement. This also certifies the quality of the product.

You should also remember that you get what you pay for, and that if you want quality, then you must pay for it. Therefore, you should not trust products you find extremely cheap. Paying $40 for a treatment of this kind usually means compromising the quality and effectiveness of the treatment. Each company has its own brand and elaborates its own product using different ingredients, which in many cases results in a variation of the quality and, therefore, the results obtained. Do not choose price over quality. If you do, the results you obtain may not be the ones promised and expected.