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There are major differences between all laser combs in the market today, as it happens with any other product. In this section we provide a comparison between the top laser combs in the market, with a detailed analysis of the main features of each one of them. These are the benefits they provide:


  • Stop hair loss
  • Penetrate the tissue of the scalp, stimulating it
  • Make your hair healthier, stronger, durable and increase volume
  • Stimulate blood circulation towards the hair follicles, boosting the growth of new hair

FOLILASER * * * * *

According to us, Folilaser is the laser comb offering the best quality in the market today. With a modern, ergonomic design, Folilaserincorporates the exclusive Vibratoni Technology. This active vibration technology stimulates the blood flow of the hair follicles boosting the growth of new hair. The length of its diodes is higher than any similar comb, making it even more effective since the laser beam emitted does not get dispersed. This comb also provides interchangeable (and detachable) teeth with different hardness levels, so the comb can be used by more than one person.

Another advantage is that being a wireless device it allows greater movement freedom and more comfort. Its built-in control screen/display allows you to check the time you’ve been using the device, and it includes an alarm that lets you know when you’re done. The smart charger re-charges the battery as necessary. This provides a longer lifespan of the battery due to a lower damage level. For these reasons, among many other – it is also CE- marked has, technical research in the EU, 3-month return guarantee, etc. – we believe Folilaser is the best laser comb available on the market today.


Velform Power is on the next position of our ranking. It also provides vibration mode, although it is not as good as the previous product since it does not provide any certifications, researches or medical recommendation, which hampers its reliability. The length of its diodes is shorter than Folilaser’s, thus the level of effectiveness of this product is also lower. In general, this device is less equipped than the product on the first position of our ranking. The offered is completed with three free extra bonuses and a 6 months return guarantee upon delivery.


Androhair is on the third position of our ranking. This hair laser is CE- marked which  relates to the safety of the product, and its website claims that several studies on the product have been conducted, both on men and women, but they do not mention what professional or laboratory conducted the studies. In terms of comfort, this device is not wireless, it does not provide a display or screen to show the amount of time you have been using it and it does not provide an alarm to let you know when you are done either. According to our evaluation, it is technically inferior to Folilaser, but it offers what any other similar device offers (although it provides no guarantees).


In the last position of our ranking – based on our own research and the e-mails our readers selflessly send us – we find HairPRO. A resell website claims that this laser comb has been “developed by NASA and provides a potentiating effect on blood microcirculation, which helps promoting and stimulating hair growth”. There are no studies, no CE- marking, no medical recommendation, even though it does have a guarantee… All in all, we believe that this is a device of lower quality.

*These comparisons have been supervised by the following physicians:
Doctor Arana – Member reference: 6785