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How do I choose my laser comb?

Please read these suggestions carefully before making your decision. The following are some of the main aspects we consider essential on this type of devices.

Registration at the EU and EC Certification

This is essential: you must make sure the laser comb you choose is registered at the EU and has been certified by the EC. This means the comb has been manufactured using top-quality materials that allow continuous contact with the scalp. In our opinion you should, you must always choose products offering these guarantees. This way you will know whether they are top quality products or not.

Get well informed

Medical recommendation

You must check the health-related safety guarantees offered. If health professionals recommend a product, this means they have been able to prove the effectiveness and safety of the product. According to us, you should only buy laser combs that are recommended by health professionals.


Return guarantee

The device you purchase should provide a return guarantee. Otherwise, we advice you not to buy it. If a product is actually safe and effective, it is only natural to provide a return guarantee to give more confidence to the potential buyers.



Pay special attention to all the information related to the technology of the device. Don’t let them sell you a pig in a poke. The most comfortable and easy-to-use, the better. Please notice that these combs are based on low intensity vibration phototherapy intended to regenerate the hair of the scalp through the stimulation of the hair follicles. In other words, light penetrates the skin increasing blood flow, oxygenation and nutrients to the tissues. It is as simple as this, so you should get the most functional, effective comb.