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Are they safe?


Yes. However, in order to make sure the laser comb you have chosen complies with all the safety and quality requirements, you should in our opinion check if the product has the EC certification and if it is registered in the EU. Make sure you always choose products offering this type of guarantees and that they are recommended by health professionals. You should also check there is a laboratory or hair treatment center behind the product. Not every laser comb available in the market provides medical guarantees, so we recommend choosing only products offering some kind of certification or medical recommendation.

Be careful. There are plenty of companies offering fast results disregarding the quality of their products, thinking about the revenues instead of the wellbeing or the health of their customers. You must always make sure there is a serious, responsible company behind the laser comb you choose, endorsing the product and providing exactly what it offered.

Each company has its own brand and manufactures its product with the materials the company considers appropriate, so the quality of each product varies and so do the results obtained. This is why some laser comb brands offer such a low price. If the materials used are cheaper, the price will be lower and the results, as it couldn’t happen any other way, will be disastrous and could even cause injuries on the scalp. Remember that you get what you pay for, and if you want quality you must pay for it. Nevertheless, there are very expensive laser combs that are not as good. The higher price of a product does not necessarily translate into great results. You simply consider all the information we have provided (certifications of quality and safety, medical recommendations, etc.) and you will have no problem differentiating a good product from a bad one.