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How do I choose my treatment?

Even though they have been the last products to be added to the list of existing methods to treat hair loss, laser devices / combs and natural products have reached a top spot in the market thanks to the high levels of effectiveness they provide. Their success is mainly based on the extraordinary quality-price ratio they offer, something that just doesn’t go unnoticed by those who suffer this condition. Compared to other procedures, we believe that these methods offer a lot for very little, and if there’s something that appeals to anyone is effectiveness together with an affordable price.

Next, we provide a series of guiding indications that you surely find very useful when choosing the most suitable treatment or product for you.

Get well informed about each product’s associated risks

You must be very careful when choosing the right treatment or product for you. Your choice should be well-meditated since there are many things you must take into account. The most important ones are those related to possible risks associated to using one product or another or following a certain treatment. Get all the information you can on the possible secondary effects of the products, if they can be harmful to your health on the short or the long term, etc.

Get well informed

Quality and reliability (registered at the EU) of the product or treatment

Quality and reliability are crucial: if you decide to buy a natural product, make sure it is registered at the EU as a nutritional supplement. If you choose the laser comb instead, make sure the device has the EC Certification related to the safety of the product.
According to us, you should only buy products that fulfill this requirement so you can be sure of the quality of the product.


Choose only products offering a money-back guarantee

There is a key aspect you must always take into account when it comes to make your decision: money-back guarantee. If the product does not offer this guarantee, that can’t be a good sign. If a company offers its clients a clear, safe money-back guarantee, that means there is a complete certainty that the product is effective, and that it provides the promised and expected results. From we suggest not to purchase any product that does not offer this guarantee.


The treatment you choose must be recommended by real doctors

It is very important that you look for products or treatments that are recommended by health professionals. We believe it to be more than evident that if a health-related product is supported by specialists in the area who approve their use and recommend it to their patients it is because besides being safe, the product works.  We strongly recommend buying only products or treatments that are recommended by health professionals. Evaluate the safety guarantees offered and if you have any doubt, no matter how small it may appear, do not buy the product. Safety must always be transparent.


Make sure the testimonials are given by real customers

A product’s website offering clients’ testimonials is another detail you must always look for. It is crucial to check the results obtained by those who have already tried the product since this is a very important thing when it comes to evaluating the quality of the product.